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You Shall Not Be Indifferent

04 Nov 16
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wrj-ad-no-imageThe statistics around sex trafficking in our local community are staggering.

  • It is estimated that 16,000-25,000 young women and men, boys and girls in Chicago are victims each year
  • 55% of Chicago runaways and homeless people report engaging in sex for survival
  • The lifespan of someone who is prostituted is only seven years

Force, fraud, and coercion – the definers of sex trafficking — cannot continue.  We have the ability to change lives.  These people are our daughters, sisters, brothers, neighbors, classmates, and friends.  They deserve a different life trajectory.  We shall not be indifferent.  Together, we have the power to alter the way that our culture looks at people as reusable commodities, as lives to be sold into a modern form of slavery.

JCAST Chicago harnesses the power of community and awareness to end the demand for paid sex.  And, when demand diminishes, supply diminishes.  Women and children will no longer be forced or coerced into sex slavery.  JCAST Chicago partners with interfaith and human rights groups, nonprofit organizations, government officials, and law enforcement agencies to end the demand for purchased sex and protect children.

Our work is underway; we need your help more than ever. And we will do the affirmative work with you and on your behalf.  Your gift of $36, $50, or $100 will help us eradicate sex trafficking through awareness and advocacy.  Please make a gift online or via mail to:  JCAST Chicago, 5 Revere Drive, Suite 200 Northbrook, IL 60062.

Thank you from the women, men and children who need us.

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