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September Blog: Lunch and Learn with Levi Lauer

27 Sep 16
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Arranging a Lunch and Learn for a group of JCAST supporters can be an interesting experience. When the topic is SEX TRAFFICKING IN ISRAEL, one is not quite sure what to expect. When the speaker is a rabbi, the intrigue increases…

On September 6th, thirty-eight JCAST supporters were introduced to an extraordinary presentation by Rabbi Levi Lauer highlighting the horrendous issue of the trafficking of women from the Former Soviet Union to Israel, a country most of us hold in high esteem in a world of increasingly hostile sentiment. What the Rabbi told us about the enslavement, the method of transfer by way of Egypt, the sale to pimps, and the daily existence of these sex slaves was beyond belief. But the most disheartening and horrific part of Rabbi Lauer’s speech was the revelation that Israel – it’s government, it’s politicians, it’s law enforcement individuals – allowed this to happen!

Rabbi Levi Lauer, expressing his indignation at Israel, then proceeded to explain how in 2003, he formed ATZUM (Justice Works) and mounted a campaign to eradicate sex trafficking in Israel. Through the formation of ATZUM’s TASK FORCE ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING, he promoted a lobbying campaign with Israeli policymakers that addressed the issue of trafficked women in Israel. His message to us that day was that we must learn the facts AND DO something with that knowledge to affect change in attitudes towards human trafficking.
Rabbi Levi Lauer has set the standard for “doing.” Check out his website,, to see for yourself what this courageous man (yes, a man!) is DOING to eradicate sex trafficking.

~ Sherry Petlin, JCAST Chicago Steering Committee, Lunch & Learn Co-Chair

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