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June Blog: JCAST Chicago’s Role in Fueling the #MeToo Movement

15 Jun 19
Gayle Nelson
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Last month, the Jewish Community Against Sex Trafficking (JCAST) Chicago hosted Beyond R. Kelly: Surviving the Predators in our Community in partnership with the Dreamcatcher Foundation, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE), and others.This interfaith, intercommunity dialogue explored what makes young women and often their parents susceptible to individuals like R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein and empowered survivors to tell their stories. The youngest speaker was a high school student who thought she was getting her chance to act. Instead her rape was videotaped and later shared with fellow students and many others. The video led to bullying and forced her to relive this crime over and over again. Thankfully, she was connected to the Dreamcatcher Foundation, a survivor led organization, who is providing her with support and services. 

Building awareness and empowering survivors is an important part of JCAST Chicago’s mission. Through partnerships, we work to end all forms of sexual violence throughout Chicago. Our activities are particularly important as R. Kelly’s trial for a fraction of the 48 young women he has violated over the last twenty years begins. 

Donate to JCAST Chicago today and consider volunteering to support survivors, educating men on how their purchase of sex leads to sex trafficking, and raising resources for critical direct services and housing for survivors.  Visit our website or send your generous donation to JCAST Chicago, C/O NCJWCNS, 5 Revere Dr. Ste. 200 Northbrook, IL 60062.

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