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JCAST Chicago June Blog: Volunteering with Selah Freedom

28 Jun 18
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Selah Freedom is a national organization that offers prevention, outreach and safe housing to survivors of sex trafficking. Selah is a Hebrew word which means to pause, rest and reflect. Here in the Chicago area, Selah provides a safe residence for survivors to discover who they are, set goals and re-launch their lives.
We’ve been volunteering at Selah Freedom for just over a year now. We plan meals and work with the residents to prepare them and we watch movies and do “truth talks” to have meaningful discussions afterwards. We enjoy the connection we have with the residents, learning about their unique gifts. We’re encouraged to see them making such incredible progress. A few of the residents now have their first jobs! Best of all, they support one another like sisters and have created a home for each other.
We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with these women and discovering other ways to help them realize their life goals. We are grateful to NCJW and JCAST for introducing us to this worthwhile organization where we can interact with the people we are supporting.
Cheryl Susman
Joan Zahnle

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