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The Jewish Community Against Sex Trafficking (JCAST) Chicago works to eradicate sex trafficking in the Chicagoland area through public awareness, community engagement, and advocacy at local, state and national levels. Inspired by Jewish values, we partner with interfaith and human rights groups, non-profit organizations, government officials, and law enforcement agencies.


Looking for help writing a letter to the editor? Want to hang the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Flyer? Visit our resources page for these and other resources.

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JCAST Chicago August Blog

The American Bar Association highlighted the crime of s

16 Aug 19 info@ncjwcns.org

June Blog: JCAST Chicago’s Role in Fueling the #MeToo Movement

Last month, the Jewish Community Against Sex Traffickin

15 Jun 19 Gayle Nelson

April Blog Post: Join the JCAST Chicago Movement!

As we celebrate Passover, we are grateful for all of th

15 Apr 19 Gayle Nelson

February is a Time to Discuss Healthy Dating Relationships with Youth

While many see February as a time for romance, it is al

11 Feb 19 Gayle Nelson

The Intersection Between Immigration, Domestic Violence & Sex Trafficking

On October 4, 2018, the Jewish Community Against Sex Tr

14 Dec 18 Gayle Nelson

October Blog: JCAST Chicago Releases new Resource to Combat Sex Trafficking

JCAST Chicago Releases new Resource to Combat Sex Traff

16 Oct 18 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago June Blog: Volunteering with Selah Freedom

Selah Freedom is a national organization that offers pr

28 Jun 18 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago April Blog

JCAST Celebrates FOSTA-SESTA On April 11, the President

18 Apr 18 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST March 2018 Blog

#MeToo Last week, I participated in two breakout sessio

18 Mar 18 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago February Blog

New Events You Won’t Want to Miss The Jewish Coalitio

16 Feb 18 info@ncjwcns.org

January 2018 Blog: #Social Justice and Social Media

#MeToo #TimesUp #EndTrafficking #10MillionTooMany #HerT

18 Jan 18 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago December Guest Blog

Al Franken and the Monster Myth By: Kaethe Morris Hoffe

19 Dec 17 info@ncjwcns.org

November 2017 Blog

A Locker Room Talk Ok guys, bring it in. What is going

15 Nov 17 info@ncjwcns.org

October 2017 Blog

Ending Violence in Lake County- A Call to Action Over t

15 Oct 17 info@ncjwcns.org

September 2017 Blog

Over the last forty years, our understanding of the nat

15 Sep 17 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago August Blog

About a year ago the social action committee at Lakesid

22 Aug 17 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago July Blog

Join JCAST on 7/27 and Take Action! In the last month,

20 Jul 17 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago June 2017 Blog

I Am Jane Doe I Am Jane Doe is a film that tells the tr

22 Jun 17 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago May Blog

Selah Freedom Selah Freedom is a national organization

22 May 17 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago April Blog

The Nordic Model, pioneered in Sweden, is a legislative

23 Apr 17 info@ncjwcns.org

International Women’s Day – JCAST Chicago March Blog

  Eva, our family’s Au Pair from Czech Republic,

20 Mar 17 info@ncjwcns.org

Through the Eyes of a Docent

JCAST Chicago February Blog At the Illinois Holocaust M

21 Feb 17 info@ncjwcns.org

Worlds Colliding – JCAST Chicago January 2017 Blog

I am one of 500 attendees at a national nonprofit manag

18 Jan 17 info@ncjwcns.org

Ripping Off the Band-Aid: Talking to my 12-Year-Old about Pornography

After over a decade of working for the National Council

24 Dec 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Thoughts on Women Hold up Half the Sky

I recently had the opportunity to attend the opening of

21 Nov 16 info@ncjwcns.org

You Shall Not Be Indifferent

The statistics around sex trafficking in our local comm

04 Nov 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Actions, Words and Gender Equality in the New Year

In recent weeks, we’ve been confronted with shocking,

27 Oct 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Kol Nidre Reflections by Rabbi Alison Abrams

I want to thank [Rabbi] Bruce [Elder] for inviting me t

27 Oct 16 info@ncjwcns.org

September Blog: Lunch and Learn with Levi Lauer

Arranging a Lunch and Learn for a group of JCAST suppor

27 Sep 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Sex Trafficking and Random Acts of Brilliance

We’ve collected items for trafficked kids on the stre

22 Aug 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Trafficking In Israel with Rabbi Levi Lauer

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Slice

05 Aug 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Thoughts on Trafficking

As a new member of the coalition, I was shocked to lear

23 Jul 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Selah Freedom to Open Doors in Chicago

Many people are surprised to learn that over 3000,000 A

23 Jun 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Slaves in Stilettos

I recently saw Mary Bonnett’s new play MONEY MAKE&#82

22 May 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Kosher for Passover Food For Thought

  As our homes fill with the comforting smells of

15 Apr 16 info@ncjwcns.org

March Blog – NCJW Washington Institute 2016:  What’s at Stake for Women

Earlier this month, 350 NCJW members and supporters fro

22 Mar 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Sarah’s Story

JCAST Chicago was formed by NCJW Chicago North Shore Se

23 Feb 16 info@ncjwcns.org

Thoughts on Trafficking: JCAST Chicago January Blog

As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew

15 Jan 16 info@ncjwcns.org

JCAST Chicago: A brief history and 2015 Recap

Great End of Year News  JCAST Chicago is proud and thr

22 Dec 15 info@ncjwcns.org

 Truck Drivers Help End Demand for Sex Trafficking

Fact #1: Truck drivers are a huge part of the demand fo

23 Nov 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Thoughts on Trafficking: JCAST Chicago October Blog

“More girls have been killed in the last fifty years,

15 Oct 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Apples and Honey and Human Trafficking

When I think of Rosh Hashanah, I think of community and

22 Sep 15 info@ncjwcns.org

2015 Cook County Trafficking Task Force Conference: Time to Take Action!

On August 6 and 7, the Cook County Trafficking Task For

24 Aug 15 info@ncjwcns.org

NCJW’s Anti-Human Trafficking Roots Run Deep!

There was never a question of why National Council of J

20 Jul 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Paying the Price

At least once a week, someone mistakes me for a prostit

15 Jul 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Trafficking Resources

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Flye

20 Apr 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Trafficking Resources

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Flye

10 Apr 15 info@ncjwcns.org

Passover Resources

Below are a number of Passover resources to enhance you

01 Apr 15 info@ncjwcns.org